What should be in my video message/self-interview

See our Hints & Tips for sample questions to answer in your video. We’d love to have you tell us why you can’t resist sitting down with a good book!

Alternatively, record yourself saying ‘I Believe in Reading!’ Find out more in About the Project.

How long can my video message be?

Anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes is perfect.

Do I need to add special effects to my video?

This is completely up to you!

Where should I film my video message?

We suggest you film your video with good lighting and only the top half of your body should be filmed (ie from around the shoulders up).

Standing in front of a hedge, tree, or in a natural background can also be effective.

Wherever you are filming, please ensure there is minimal background noise.

What device can I use to record my video?

Anything! Use your iPod, smartphone, camera or webcam to record your video.

What if I need help?

Drop us a message on our Contact page.

Project Coordinator & Executive Producer: Timothy Chan, Friend of the NYR
Enquiries: enquiry@love2readtv.com.au

Love2ReadTV is open to all! Simply film & send your video.