Hints & Tips

Follow these easy tips to make sure your video is perfect for submission

1. Record video in a quiet environment. Close windows where possible and be seated close to the camera.

2. Shape your video around questions such as:-

“What is your favourite kind of reading?

*Why can’t you resist picking up a good book or sitting down with a good book?

*What makes blogs or facebook interesting to you?

*Do you think the types of reading we do today is different to in the past?

*How does reading let you escape the world or engage with it more?

Check out the poster for inspiration.

3. Use a tripod to steady your recording device

4. Be seated next to a window with sunlight streaming in. Do not sit with a window in your background or you will look very dim.

Alternatively, make sure there is adequate lighting. Feel free to film outside as well!

5. Speak clearly and don’t rush.

6. Send it in!

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